Thursday, September 09, 2004

Pink Design: Natural - 17 comments

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November 14, 2006   06:15 AM PST
why no stripes?help!!
January 14, 2006   05:33 AM PST
aww schweet! got it sorted now... thanks seige ;) love this one! awesome layout.
January 12, 2006   04:20 PM PST
It depends on the type of encoding you used on your webpage.

To change it, you'll need to edit the <meta> tag for character encoding. You can find this in your "main template" edit section, near the top.

As for the relevant code for the meta tags, you may want to search for a list on Google to help you.

Nice blog, btw. I would like to add it to the featured blogs list. Happy blogging.
January 12, 2006   09:30 AM PST
i use special symbol, why does it show up messy like an oriental character? look forward for the help, please. thanks.
August 5, 2005   07:27 AM PDT
Please help me...????
How to make template 4 my blogg euyyyyyyyyy
August 5, 2005   07:27 AM PDT
s;moga berhasil
July 7, 2005   04:00 AM PDT
Your blog seems fine to me! I can see the stripes.
July 5, 2005   04:44 AM PDT
The stripes aren't showing up for mine either. I uploaded it, but I can't seem to put it into the blog. Help please?
March 14, 2005   03:16 AM PST
Remember to upload the images to your own blog!
March 14, 2005   03:12 AM PST
Me too. Why no stripes? Anyone can help?
October 5, 2004   04:25 PM PDT
please make sure that you've uploaded the picture to your own host, and also changed the url for the picture in the template codes.

check the FAQ for more help.
October 5, 2004   10:35 AM PDT
hiya! i've downloaded this template at my blog, but somehow the stripes don't appear. did i miss something?

October 5, 2004   10:35 AM PDT
hiya! i've downloaded this template at my blog, but somehow the stripes don't appear. did i miss something?

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