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Playing Music Video On Your Blog

Almost every blogdrive I come across wants to play music on their blog. Most blogdrive just wants to create an atmosphere for their visitors experience, or just want to share their favourite tune with everyone.

Unknown to these people, their visitor absolutely hates it when music starts playing and will never ever visit music playing blog ever again. Sometimes these blogs involves third party popups that are really annoying.

"I hate it. It's annoying because I usually have my own music on" ~ Dillon

"Some of us don't like 50 Cent or any of that other garbage you foist on us. If you insist on putting music on your blog, make sure there is a way to turn it off" ~ Fallen
Despite the fact that it's still very undesirable to many, blogdrivers still plays them and there's no way to stop you from doing it. However, there are some steps to take to help ease your visitors torment but still play music on your blog.

Blogdrive themselves have a good set of guides on how to embed MP3 into your blog. But these methods requires that you have your own server (or find a free one) to host the files. The good side is you have more control to your own music file but it's tedious work to get it right and it gets very technical when you want to play from a list.

The codes for embed is actually very simple to remember:
<embed src="Music URL" autostart="false" loop="false">
Where Music URL is where you hosts your file. For most people, this is too tedious to understand. Why can't we just insert a piece of music code directly?

There are some free music services that offers such features but often with many other dodgy things. Here I'll list out all the possible options for you along with their pros and cons:

iWebTunes / iWebMusic
This is one of the most popular and most dangerous because they don't only give you popups, but attempts to install spywares to you computer. I heard some where recently that they have been forced to close down, which is very good news.

MusicVideoCodes.com and VideoCodes4u.com
These services offers a wide variety of selection, they even provide videos as well. However they also give your visitor unwanted popups, which believe me, you really don't want popups. Other such sites are music-codes.com, html-codes.com, videodumper.com ...

Flash Technology

The more advanced web companies now offers Flash technology. It's so much faster and they are generally more reliable. Usually they don't have popups so that's a green sign!

A while ago I posted about radioblog. Some users complaint that it requires you to host your files on your own server which generally puts them off. No popups and it runs in flash.

This is a very new service which is doing pretty well. They allow you to host your own videos and display them on your blog just by inserting a piece of music code. They recode everything on their server into Flash so it becomes very fast. No popups! Yay. Very recommendable.

Google Video
This is very similar to YouTube and is gaining popularity these days. Definitely recommended but you need your own Google account. (contact me if you need one and I'll send it to you)

Instead of using third party services, you can upgrade to Magnum (Blogdrive subscription service) which is pretty good.
Audio Tools - Just record something on your computer; an entry, your girlfriend snoring, your dog barking, some music you've created. Upload it through an easy to use interface and we'll create a streamable version for your visitors to click on and listen to instantly without the need to download first! We can also reduce the bit rate of your file for you so that visitors with dial-up connections could receive an uninterrupted stream. Upload as many files as you can.
I believe there are many more services online. Do you have any to recommend? Please post a comment and share with us your favourite service.

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Posted at 02:42 am on Friday, February 24, 2006 by Admin

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