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Saving Your Blog (Entries) from Disappearing

Every now and then I would stumble upon a blogger who is worried that one day BlogDrive might disappear, or their blog being hacked by enemies, or whatever bizarre cases that may affect their valued blog. For example, a recent case where JuanDanza (a popular blogger) was hacked. He suffered a rather heavy damage on his blog.

Unless you have many tech-savvy enemies, or you accidentally deleted your blog (which tend to happen a lot surprisingly), you don't have to worry much. BlogDrive is very reliable when it comes to system backup and I'm pretty sure they will do their best to prevent any disaster from happenning to anyone's blog. It's always much easier to be prepared in the event that such a thing happens to you. So, here are are several methods here you can follow.

1. Manual Backup
Making a backup every time you make an entry is the most ancient method. Saving each entry in a notepad document within a well-managed folder on your computer is generally a lot of work but very reliable.

2. HTTrack
HTTrack.com is a website copier software where you can download your entire website onto your computer. It saves everything including all your comments, images, templates. It is good and reliable but you will have to extract pieces of your entries one by one, and upload them one by one.

3. BlogDrive Entry Export
I have made a couple of free entry export services for MovableType and Modblog. Although their main purpose is to export blog entries, they can be used as a good backup tool as well. Along with the export service comes the import feature, however this is only available for MovableType. Using both of these, you can safely store your blog entries in MovableType's export format and import them into your blog if you need to.

This is good because instead of saving your entire blog, you are only saving the entries. The downside to it is that you can only save ten entries per backup which means you will have to do it multiple times. You can find them under "Layouts and Designs - Site Map - Others".

4. BlogDrive Backup Feature
BlogDrive provides a brilliant backup feature if you are willing to pay for it. It is by far the best method, not because I'm being paid for selling their product, but they really are good. They include downloading and uploading backup files, entry by entry synchronisation, and they even saves all the comments made to your blog. However, this feature is only available from Blue Steel (Plan 3) and above.

In the even that your blog gets deleted, you should attempt to send in a troubleticket to BlogDrive and see if they are able to help you regain your entries. There is no guarantee but they might be able to help you. http://www.blogdrive.com/manage/ticket

Happy Bloggin.

Posted at 06:51 am on Sunday, September 04, 2005 by Admin

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