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Smile! Smiley! Smilies!

Guess what? You can now write your entries with Smilies! How cool is that? You hear that? Smilies!!! That's not just it, you can write stuff in the textbox below, and instantly preview in the "display area" it at the bottom. Shock! The amazing WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)!

Insert your BID number in the BID textbox, and you can submit an entry to your own blog!

Thanks to Monique for contributing the smilies! Aren't they cute? Thank you so much! And thanks to ImageShack for hosting the images, otherwise you guys won't be able to Hotlink them. The above HTML Editor is the exact same version you use on BlogDrive.

If you like these smilies , and prefers to host them on your own BlogDrive account. Click on the Download link right above the smilies, and upload each smilies to your "File Manager". Make sure you store them in the "/images/" directory.

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Smilies by Monique
Hosted at ImageShack
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Think your own smilies are better? Send it to us, and we'll see.

Posted at 04:39 am on Monday, April 11, 2005 by Admin

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