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Sociable for Blogdrive - all-in-one Google Sitemap Generator for Blogdrive How to Edit Old Entry using Plain Text? Recent Entries Script (AJAX RSS Reader) Comments Page Tool - Auto Hide Entry
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The Cutting Edge Dusk Angel's Memories Gunbound ~ Ha'Je F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Blue nonsense world... so lost; so lonely Initial D S T R I F E - Final Fantasy fullmetalkupal ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam Seed
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BlogDrive Scripts


Written specially for BlogDrive, includes entry listing, welcome script and many more.

Sociable for Blogdrive - all-in-one
- Sociable for Blogdrive - all-in-one: Mini-MEditor, del.icio.us, co.mments, Google Blog Search, Technorati and RSS Feed

Google Sitemap Generator for Blogdrive
- A Blogdrive Sitemap Generator for Google's Sitemap Programme

How to Edit Old Entry using Plain Text?
- The WYSIWYG editor proofs to be a wonderful success to most people however this lead to the downgrade of Plain Text Editor.

Recent Entries Script (AJAX RSS Reader)
- Create a list of the latest entries on your blog. Generate the list with blog title and time of posting, followed by direct link to blog entry.

Comments Page Tool - Auto Hide Entry
- This simple yet useful script hides your blog entry in the "Comments Page"

Smile! Smiley! Smilies!
- Write your entries with smilies!

"Layout & Design" Shortcut
- Quick Edit Links for "Layout & Design"

Blog This! Blog That!
- Mini-MEditor in your blog!

Mini-MEditor Plug-In for Maxthon
- Plugin that allows you to place a quick entry into your Blog without having to go into your admin section

Enter and Send - Tagboard feature
- sents your tagboard message just by pressing on the "Enter" key

Post Preview Script
- It shorthens your entries on the first page, and it allows your visitor, who wants to read more, click on to further reading.

&ee \V/r!+35
- Encode your diary using the latest teenage technology. The 1337 language!

Alternative Permalink
- allow direct link to an entry while showing other existing entries on the same page

Hiding Your Blog
- Methods of hiding a blog

Post Archive Script
- This script creates a list of the few current entries on your blog. It'll generate the list with title and permalink to the entry.

HaloScan Trackback
- How to insert HaloScan Trackback on BlogDrive.

Multiple Tagboards on BlogDrive
- Allow more than two tagboards on your blog!

Welcome Script
- Shows the name of your page visitor.

Posted at 01:10 am on Sunday, October 31, 2004 by Admin

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Panduan Buat Blogger
December 14, 2011   04:10 AM PST
Great script....
March 16, 2008   10:06 AM PDT
soo very very useful!!!!!
December 13, 2007   10:59 PM PST
Hi Seige, thanks so much for all the help you give us? I hope I haven't missed this, but have you been able to put up a script that would allow us to "tag" or "categorize" each entry? I've seen other requests and I too need that very much since I'd like to add the feature in my layout. Thanks for any help you can give us!
June 6, 2007   10:45 AM PDT
i want a monthly archive for my blog. please help.
December 2, 2006   09:42 AM PST
can you the black parade
August 16, 2006   05:41 AM PDT
and ofcoz, a script for monthly archive is very appreciated..

hope the categorization script is up for grabs soon..
August 11, 2006   11:52 AM PDT
You could do it manually and/or use third party services such as technorati or delicious bookmarking service to help you with that.

I'll try to post up on how to do that in the near future.
July 26, 2006   01:02 PM PDT
hope someone could come up with a script enables us to categories the entries that we wrote..

categories as in in our own blog..not the general Blogdrive category..

July 20, 2006   09:10 PM PDT
Im looking for a script that disables left click seLection cuz i have all my poems on my blog n i don't one neone to take 'em...could u help me plz?
January 16, 2006   02:59 AM PST
More scripts!
August 1, 2005   12:56 AM PDT
You mean <s>,</s> and <u>,</u>
July 31, 2005   08:43 PM PDT
can u use strike through or underline??
April 28, 2005   12:43 AM PDT
thanks for all the templates and scripts that i got from here. it really helped my blog to be a bit nicer than it was when i first started.

great site.
April 14, 2005   10:57 PM PDT
Yes, Anchors works on BlogDrive. It seems you may have done it wrongly.

You can try "Post Archive Script", it probably will do whatever you are looking for.

On another hand, if you leave your Blog Address here, someone may be able to help you.