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Beyond the sunset


Posted at 09:06 pm on Saturday, October 30, 2004 by Marianne

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November 5, 2006   05:58 PM PST
i wish to install this amazing layout but everytime I click the "install" button, a box will always appear stating that my pop-up blocker somewhat interferes with it, even though my pop-up blocker was already turned off. what should i do? tnx!
May 2, 2006   08:16 AM PDT
thanks so much, got it done! I just didnt load the pic into my images folder. Cheers!
May 1, 2006   02:05 PM PDT
First download the image, then go to "Filemanager" - "IMAGES" directory, and then upload the picure.

Watch this URL, if you didn't upload the image correctly, it won't show.
Until you manage to get it to show, your header will be black.
May 1, 2006   11:17 AM PDT
Okay did that. Tried uploading the picture into my "edit header html" and the html is there when i check but the picture simply isn't appearing on my blog's header.
May 1, 2006   09:57 AM PDT
First download the image, then go to "Filemanager" - "IMAGES" directory, and then upload the picure.
April 30, 2006   08:31 AM PDT
hey, can't seem to upload the cityscape image, what do i do exactly?
April 24, 2005   12:53 PM PDT
Hi Marianne,

just want to say this layout is awesome, it's the one I have in my blog now and everyone who passes by never fails to compliment on it and it's just right that I impart all the compliments to you :-)

they said it's cool, awesome, great, wonderful, lovely sunset and where's that? lolz

Thank you so much and always take care!

November 28, 2004   11:53 PM PST
This one's very nice!
November 6, 2004   01:08 PM PST
marianne, u make the great one again!!!
November 3, 2004   06:57 AM PST
To download the template, you can either right-click the link and save target as, or preview the template and click view source.
November 3, 2004   05:49 AM PST
I have the same problem you have Sylvia.
October 31, 2004   06:26 PM PST
lol@Seige loving the layout, I want to use it but I don't know if I'm doing it right. I clicked download and it took me back to the layout so I went to veiw then source. I don't wanna get banned so if I'm not going about this the right way please someone let me know.
October 31, 2004   02:12 AM PST
Woops I mean Marianne
October 31, 2004   02:12 AM PST
Ohhh I like this one :D Nice work Dillon
October 31, 2004   12:59 AM PDT
This is supposed to be named "Seige and the City"