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My Life, My Story


Posted at 07:46 am on Tuesday, October 12, 2004 by Marianne

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stefanus akim
July 24, 2007   06:34 PM PDT
September 21, 2006   02:47 AM PDT
Hey, i have the layout on my blog and 'my life my story doesnt show up, and i have a ton of extra space below the template, how can i get rid of that? I read the comments asking the same but the answer isnt there. Oh and the tagboard doesnt match the rest of the layout..any ideas?? Thanks alot
August 24, 2005   03:51 AM PDT
Well, just need to make sure you are logged into BlogDrive before you attempt anything on this site.

This site require access to your BlogDrive account before being able to process the template for you.
August 24, 2005   03:48 AM PDT
hie there..im a newbie in the world of blogging... so, i was wondering..could someone kind enough to give me an idea of how to get the templates? cos.. when i typed my BID number..they said i wasnt log in when in fact,i was..:( is there a problem with my blog?? and.. how do i actually get the templates to be inserted into my blog??im so blur....thanks so much in advancee!!! have a nice day cheerios~*
June 21, 2005   09:01 AM PDT
hi there! super great lay-out! check out my site, im using it.

question, how come the script "my life, my story" doesn't appear on the book?

can you enlighten me with this?

May 20, 2005   09:33 AM PDT
I want this kind lay out are mine
January 6, 2005   11:52 PM PST
marianne, i re-downloaded the template and i am having a problem with the extra space below the book. how can i remove it? thanks
January 6, 2005   04:34 AM PST
marianne, i change the url. this is the right site. thanks.
January 6, 2005   02:42 AM PST
marianne, please visit my blog. the image space bigger than the image itself. how can i fix it? thanks.
December 5, 2004   10:51 PM PST
siege, how can i fix my side section? it is now wider than the normal size. i want to put it back to its original size. thanks.
November 25, 2004   03:26 PM PST
Hey Marianne... I love your templates... Just found this one. But I am already using wildflower!! :) Your templates are just great!!
November 14, 2004   07:55 AM PST
thanks a lot for this template.
November 11, 2004   09:17 AM PST
cool ;)
November 11, 2004   04:40 AM PST
siege, i already removed my iwebmusic script. thanks for informing me.
November 10, 2004   06:51 AM PST
Hi, this is the 1st time I'm changing my layout so abit lost. I'm still trying to figure out where do I insert the image after i uploaded it to an image host?
October 25, 2004   04:39 PM PDT
Hey, thanks. :) I'm still learning the whole html coding thing and I just could not figure out what the problem was.

Thanks again! :)
October 22, 2004   05:53 PM PDT
thanks mamamia, i was being lazy not wanting to update the whole thing.
October 22, 2004   06:52 AM PDT
Thanks for informing about the sidebar scroll. It was caused by the tagboard width.
Sorry about that.

Changes has been made to the template. It is recommended that anyone who has downloaded this template before 22/10/04 to re-download. (or change the width of the tagboard to 180px in the CSS. not recommended for people who don't know html)
October 22, 2004   06:05 AM PDT
Dear Fire-fingers,

look out for this codes:
.side {
color: #DED7AC;
padding: 10;
font: 9pt verdana, arial, helvetica;
border: 1px solid #000000;
background: #7E7144;
width: 210;

and remove the last line (overflow-x:auto). See how it looks, if you don't like it... reinsert it.

Or else, just just change the tagboard with from 185 to 180. this can be found in CSS
October 22, 2004   12:58 AM PDT
I love this template. :)

Question: Why is my side section showing up with a scrollbar? I can't find anything in the code, and as far as I can tell, there's no reason for it...??

thanks. :)
October 18, 2004   08:31 PM PDT
nobody ask you to come back. bleh!
October 18, 2004   01:09 PM PDT
thanks for the comments and support..

it was fun making these templates..
(frustrating when the codes just don't work like how they should, but more fun than frustrating, heh)

i will be back.. soon.. i hope..
October 18, 2004   12:40 PM PDT
Absolutely stunning layout.
October 16, 2004   04:18 AM PDT
i love the template. very easy to use. congrats marianne you made beautiful templates.
October 15, 2004   02:59 AM PDT
Ooh. Me likes.
October 14, 2004   01:18 PM PDT
hehe... you have fans
October 14, 2004   09:29 AM PDT
yeah i know but it's difficult to move home... u know here and there...
i will try and get some help to get the codes changed..thanks and by the way u make really nice templates but i really like this one best :)
October 14, 2004   09:22 AM PDT
why use blogspot when there's blogdrive?? hehe.. jk

yeah you can.. that's if you know how to change the blogdrive codes to the blogspot ones.. i've no idea what the blogspot codes are though.
October 14, 2004   09:09 AM PDT
i really love this template but i was wondering will it be possible for me to use it on blogspot?
October 12, 2004   06:59 PM PDT
I love this one.. Marianne you do such pretty templates! :)