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Marianne - A slice of lemon


Posted at 05:35 pm on Friday, September 17, 2004 by Marianne

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May 1, 2006   07:27 AM PDT
awesome. but d pic jst wwwoont show up... :C i tried 2 download it but it didnt work. i also stored d image in d file manager. and it still doesnt work. now...im trying to do the image host thing and manipulate d layout wid notepad. how do u get d layout into notepad??? thanx...XD
September 3, 2005   07:23 AM PDT
i dont get it....wheres all the side stuff??? and the profile things?
May 31, 2005   06:28 AM PDT
oh ok. thanks anw. do i need any prg to do that cos i'm quite a comp idiot. or would u mind if i add some text somewhere along the lemon? if it's not ok i will haf the text removed k?
May 30, 2005   06:49 PM PDT
there's no header html for this template.

you can insert the [header html] code yourself if you know html.
May 30, 2005   06:45 PM PDT
oh i need help!! after i've installed this template my header html does not shows up. can anyone help plz? go to my blogdrive and take a look yea? someonelse.blogdrive.com
April 10, 2005   04:31 PM PDT
hi marianne! this one is the perfect summer layout. simple but it rocks! thanks again.
January 20, 2005   07:26 AM PST
thanx a lot!!
January 20, 2005   07:13 AM PST
Change them under Blog Configuration.
January 20, 2005   06:25 AM PST
hey ppl! anybody can help explaining to me on how to change my comments and permalink to some different title?
January 5, 2005   11:52 AM PST
awesome layout! i love apples!
December 27, 2004   11:37 AM PST
no comment...
December 26, 2004   01:50 PM PST
oops, helps if I give you the correct blog address, LOL
December 26, 2004   01:48 PM PST
Hi Marianne,

I've altered your template slightly ( to have gerberas rather than the lemon) - could you have a look, and see if you approve? if you don't like it I'll can it, but have left your credit there anyway. Let me know if you want me to change it.


November 23, 2004   10:47 AM PST
Sorry, i'm not sure what scrollbar you're talking about. Horizontal scrollbars are only present if the entry is wider than the entry space. (or side section data wider than the allocated space). Usually this is caused by pictures that are too wide.
November 23, 2004   10:21 AM PST
hi marianne. i used this layout and its looks great. thanks. but i'd like to remove the scroll bar that's placed right after one of my earlier entries. can this be done? how can i do that?
November 6, 2004   05:26 AM PST
right click the link, save target as..

or preview, and then view source.
November 6, 2004   05:09 AM PST
Why can't I get the codes?
who cares, btw?
November 6, 2004   02:26 AM PST
is this workin?? i mean... really???
October 18, 2004   01:35 AM PDT
well, dont forget that you need to change the image url link, check the FAQ or the "How to" on the left hand side to find out why
October 18, 2004   01:00 AM PDT
i actaully just tried this one..the big lemon donst show up. what a bummer..
October 11, 2004   04:22 AM PDT
this is simple but beautiful! ;) i think i'm going to be using this one, although i will have to change the background from white to black. hope that's okay with you...
September 26, 2004   12:16 AM PDT
it's great!
September 25, 2004   03:54 PM PDT
this one is awesome! See, this right here is why I'm ashamed of my layout "attempts".
September 18, 2004   07:49 PM PDT
OMG.. You know this below post made by "HG?" It was actually by me.. This comment thing always messes me up.. because it usually has someone else's name and homepage, and I sometimes don't look. x_X; SORRY HG!
September 18, 2004   07:49 PM PDT
LEMON? lol. Sorry...
September 18, 2004   05:03 PM PDT
A lemon layout?! Sweet! Or sour... haha. Lame joke alert.

Anyways... I may have to use this... my friends and I have a lemonade inside joke thing... :-P

Great job... it's beautiful!
September 18, 2004   06:54 AM PDT
slurppppp :)
September 18, 2004   06:39 AM PDT
but that's a lemon :P
September 18, 2004   05:42 AM PDT
Awesome layout, Marianne! I heart oranges. :D