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Posted at 04:31 pm on Friday, June 04, 2004 by Admin

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July 7, 2005   02:59 PM PDT
wow !! Awessom.. !!
October 19, 2004   02:42 AM PDT
can someone do a will young one???
October 13, 2004   01:44 PM PDT
can anyoen create a green day skin... :)
October 11, 2004   08:21 PM PDT
I can never get these things to work, lol, but I have tried a few times... I'd love to see a cute, little baby oriented theme. :)
October 10, 2004   11:00 AM PDT
can someone improve the pink flamingo layout? you know... make it more cuter? :-)
October 7, 2004   05:51 PM PDT
can someone do a holloween layout please
September 22, 2004   09:49 PM PDT
Could someone make a fall themed skin? Some fall colors and maybe some fall leaves?

September 21, 2004   01:19 AM PDT
Hey could someone make a simple black layout with 2 sidebars? (like DustyHawk's version of Infected?) Just something quick and plain, maybe black and white, or black and grey? I've been looking everywhere for something like that...
September 17, 2004   03:54 AM PDT
I wanted either an Adema blog skin, or Lost Prophets, or Korn.. if its possible.. Thank you!
September 15, 2004   05:12 PM PDT
Any one who could do an amy lee(lead singer of evanescence)blog skin.. something like the banner in my blog.. thanks a lot.
September 7, 2004   12:45 AM PDT
could someone do something with a lemon theme?
September 3, 2004   07:21 PM PDT
request for a nineinchnails layout.
August 28, 2004   04:29 AM PDT
August 17, 2004   09:39 AM PDT
I just made a banner for my friend here: <img src=http://img27.photobucket.com/albums/v80/peopeomoxmox/christy.jpg>

She is, how may I say this delicately, of the vain sexual orientation (ahh, I'm so clever). I just wanted a little schnazzy rainbow colored layout with a black background. Nothing too off the top.

And yeah, I understand there's a custom requests link. But I already talk to Dillon everyday. He probably needs a break from my demands.
August 8, 2004   05:40 PM PDT
Sure, Lindsey! Go ahead, it's free for everyone.

But it won't work unless you change the input tags. ;)
August 8, 2004   08:32 AM PDT
im gonna use these blogskins for blogspot diary! MUAHAHA
July 22, 2004   08:38 AM PDT
i wonder where's da new layouts-->just from me<-- if i'm not mistaken has gone??
July 20, 2004   05:10 PM PDT
July 14, 2004   06:55 PM PDT
Please read the FAQ on how to install the template properly.

Image URLs need to be replaced with the location you've upload to in order for the pictures to appear.
July 13, 2004   03:06 AM PDT
July 12, 2004   10:46 AM PDT
how come when i download and have it as my template...the picture isnt there?? please help!!
July 2, 2004   05:08 AM PDT
i did it!!! thanks siege!!!
June 28, 2004   02:07 PM PDT
Naz, You can check the FAQ for help on how to install your template.
June 28, 2004   09:58 AM PDT
woah..nice stuff.. but.. i'm a bit blurr about going to get a new blogskin fer my blog! any help ?
June 27, 2004   06:23 AM PDT
how r u?
June 22, 2004   05:41 AM PDT
me too!!!!
June 20, 2004   08:56 PM PDT
I just love my new skin....