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Posted at 04:31 pm on Friday, June 04, 2004 by Admin

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June 11, 2006   08:31 PM PDT
that's because i have the right tool for the job. It's just a click away.
June 11, 2006   08:26 PM PDT
thanks for changing it... that was fast!
June 11, 2006   07:07 PM PDT
okay, thanks for letting me know.
June 11, 2006   07:01 PM PDT
you have me as one of your featured blogs, but i changed my link. could you maybe change it?
July 8, 2005   09:46 AM PDT
ahhh so many....
i'd even say TOO many..
to lazy to read it all...

care if i Butt in ??
February 26, 2005   01:57 AM PST
To everyone's relieve, there will be no more "Halls of Fame". But you should always follow the terms of service. Best regards!
December 10, 2004   11:57 PM PST
can u remove me from ur list? i didn't use that template anymore...
November 5, 2004   01:32 AM PST
Haha alriight. I took it off and everything. I won't even use your layouts anymore. Sorry
October 28, 2004   05:54 PM PDT
i change it and remove the links all the time!!! Add me!! add mee!!!!
~@sr| (\",)~
September 21, 2004   11:25 AM PDT
siege... now i used regular template from blOgdrive... ok .. can u plz remove mine... TQ
September 15, 2004   10:40 AM PDT
i apologise for what i've done...i've change my template...pls remove my blog from here.thank you.
September 14, 2004   09:53 PM PDT
sodep: sorry I can't do that! It would be best if you reinstall the template from which you took it from. I appologize for the inconvenice caused
September 14, 2004   05:14 AM PDT
i did wrong?
September 13, 2004   05:33 AM PDT
aargggghh... can u plz remove me from ur list... :'(
September 11, 2004   06:11 AM PDT
got any problem with my blog?? just tell me at my blog..
August 18, 2004   12:36 PM PDT
hey, im so sorry!!! i already tried to copy the template correctly. can you remove me from the list now? thanks! sorry again.
August 14, 2004   05:08 PM PDT
sorry,i don't really know the way to use the template and did not realise that i've used the preview one!i thought i've saved it in my comp.however,i'm not using the template anymore.sorry again.it wasnt my intention.
August 11, 2004   01:25 PM PDT
My pleasure! :D
August 9, 2004   03:09 PM PDT
Thank you for making my blog popular !
August 9, 2004   12:10 PM PDT
thanks for telling me about the stat counter. i've already erased it.
July 14, 2004   11:32 AM PDT
sorry fer copying from the source...anyway...i had copied it legally..download it from the link directly...and thankz fer the layout..sorry fer inconvenience caused...
July 12, 2004   05:00 AM PDT
i really like it!!
July 10, 2004   06:14 AM PDT
hi. i didnt know that i accidentally copied sum stuffs fr. d original. sorry for dat. can u pls rmove my name now fr. d list?tnx so much.
July 4, 2004   06:59 PM PDT
So sorry about that..I didn't know you had to upload it..i'd appreciate it if you could take me off the list now..
June 24, 2004   01:32 PM PDT
Sure Kaya, but it'll only be temporary untill it's installed successfully
June 24, 2004   09:47 AM PDT
hey siege could u remove the one flyhigh..she doesnt really know how to download template and stuff..so really sorry..
June 22, 2004   09:44 AM PDT
hehe... it's okay Phatgirlie, warnings are send automatically. Also, we keep a record of those who likes to be listed ;)
June 21, 2004   02:18 PM PDT
go check..