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Guitar - BlogSkins


Posted at 02:13 pm on Thursday, June 17, 2004 by Marianne

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October 12, 2006   11:33 AM PDT
help!!!luv this!!
February 15, 2005   09:16 AM PST
niceE one..~ great..~
December 24, 2004   10:31 AM PST
weee!! had a problem on the guitar but its already fixed! thanks! :D
December 14, 2004   02:08 PM PST
you need to upload it to your own image host. and change the url links.
December 14, 2004   12:43 PM PST
ei.. i want the guitar pic to be my background.. but it doesn't work!! help!!
November 30, 2004   09:00 PM PST
i love this layout...
just thought i'd let you know that i used it.
November 11, 2004   01:55 AM PST
what is the code for this guitar template...please i need it...i would greatly appreciate it cuz its great.
September 23, 2004   03:42 PM PDT
u r genious! i adore this!!!!!!!! i changed the pic on mine, but i loooooove it!!!
August 17, 2004   08:49 PM PDT
ugh... that was my comment. i don't know why it said lyn
August 17, 2004   08:48 PM PDT
ooo... thanks very much for all your help!

I'll go try it out now...
August 9, 2004   06:07 PM PDT
Okay, I fixed the problem. And it should now work on all browsers.

(will upload it tomorrow)
August 8, 2004   05:21 PM PDT
It's possible to make it work on mozilla, but it'll take some time to reformat it.

Sorry, wail, I would work on it if I have access to the internet. In the mean time, just stay tune. ;)
August 4, 2004   11:19 AM PDT
i've downloaded mozilla, tried to use it, but couldn't get the hang of it.. >_< i'm dumb.

so unless the other designers could do it, the answer to your question, wailfulrhyme, is no. it can't be done.

August 3, 2004   11:02 PM PDT
...I made that last comment... sorry
August 3, 2004   11:02 PM PDT
I was wondering if it was possible to get this layout to work in mozilla?
July 9, 2004   05:13 PM PDT
i can't get the background picture!!
I'm so stupid when it comes to HTML but i just don't know what i'm doing wrong...
July 7, 2004   05:09 AM PDT
Oh I'm in love <3
June 29, 2004   02:41 PM PDT
background-image:url('http://img78.photobucket.com/ albums/v308/scream123456/guitar.jpg');

this should work.
June 28, 2004   10:54 PM PDT
i did that but still no image ...........plz help
June 28, 2004   10:53 PM PDT
i did that siege but still no background image
June 28, 2004   09:13 PM PDT
background-image:url(http://img78.photobucket.com/ albums/v308/scream123456/guitar.jpg);
June 28, 2004   07:44 PM PDT
ya i've like tried 10 times but still mah image is not there , i've uploaded mah image to photobucket but still it's not coming


this is the line that i edited is there anything wrong that i did in this , u can check mah image it's there if i open from the link
June 20, 2004   11:51 AM PDT
thanks wail, but you installed the preview one!
June 20, 2004   06:30 AM PDT
nice layout! just thought i'd tell you that i used it as the basis of mine only i'm in the process of changing some of the things on it! i really like this website! keep up with the awesome layouts!
June 18, 2004   09:32 AM PDT
it's a nice layout, but my tagboard gets "chopped up" somehow.
Darkage Raven
June 18, 2004   05:09 AM PDT
if you want the code for my entries, go here, http://www.geocities.com/darkage_raven/Layout.html