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Posted at 02:05 pm on Friday, June 04, 2004 by Admin

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February 28, 2008   02:30 AM PST
where is the new templates?
Amu Awie
May 26, 2006   05:24 AM PDT
Hello there...i got some problem to install my template...i have chose one from layout at this site...so...i wanna to install it to my blog...and i also already upload the wallpaper to my file manager...but it doesn't appear...are they any step i have to do...i mean...after i upload the image...what should i do next...any help...:)
March 16, 2006   11:47 PM PST
You may have inserted in valid characters into your form. Make sure they are all numbers.
March 16, 2006   08:41 PM PST
how come when i entered my BID number and clicked install it said please reinsert your Bid number...plz help
September 5, 2005   10:03 PM PDT
Just fill in this form, and that's all.
September 5, 2005   09:05 AM PDT

I would like to submit a template layout of mine.. but not so sure how to do it. Pls assist if you don't mind.. :o)
July 8, 2005   01:28 PM PDT
It's cool. Thank you. Very Much.
May 30, 2005   07:54 PM PDT
your template crap..that was my comment..hahaha..
March 21, 2005   06:25 PM PST
My pleasure!
March 21, 2005   07:53 AM PST
oic k thanks ^^
March 17, 2005   04:43 PM PST
Oh, I see what you mean now. Your template isn't showing the relevant tags.

Don't worry, it's just a script-rendering problem. Try to Refresh the page, and you'll see it ;)
March 17, 2005   04:40 PM PST
Sorry, but I really have no idea what you are talking about. What is "other details"? And what isn't a wallpaper?
March 17, 2005   04:25 PM PST
Mr. seige I'm really sorry bout my template I'm not that experienced... blogger... I didn't know bout thos html codes. Yes I'm an IT student but I'm still in the level of learning those. And by the way can the other details be shown?? It is not really a wallpaper...hehehe
March 16, 2005   04:08 PM PST
no no, Your template looks great! Don't worry.
March 16, 2005   03:39 PM PST
Why is my template showing the other details? do I have to do something?
February 6, 2005   05:10 AM PST
Zoe sort of understands what it is, but Zoe is not so talented, and a confused child. Zoe will try to figure it out later, if Seige makes sense for once.
October 18, 2004   06:44 AM PDT
hi.CJ.i like your template site.But i'm so sad that I can check any of them.anyway.i like the background color of comment page.
September 18, 2004   12:24 AM PDT
I sent one in. I hope you got it.
June 8, 2004   03:20 PM PDT
the form is working now, please feel free to submit yours
June 6, 2004   07:38 AM PDT
I'll think of something. please cross your fingers.
June 5, 2004   09:22 PM PDT
Do I just copy and paste my template with the html?