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BlogOut on 24th May in Singapore

Nexus 2007 - Leading in times of disruptive change Meet Seigey in BlogOut!

What is BlogOut?
Following on Nexus 2007, The Digital Movement is taking one step further by having a gathering of various communities and pockets of bloggers to get to know each other! We at BlogDrive Templates acknowledges their efforts and want to allow these different communities to know each other, in particular, the smaller groups, and allow them to bond with each other. This will lead to a blogosphere with stronger social fabric!

Program Details: (FREE food, drinks and wine served!)

Date: 24th May, 2007, Thursday
Geek Terminal, 55 Market Street, Singapore

7pm - 7.30 pm : Bloggers' Spot + Grub
Grab a bite and get to know 3 featured bloggers, one of whom is Genie (the blogger who sings and blogs)
We would like your suggestions on the other 2 bloggers that you would like to see/ hear from.
Rest assured, this is not a "blogger-worship" event. We just thought it would be fun to hear from some bloggers, and get to know them a bit better. So let us know who you would like to know more about...

7.30 pm - 9.00 pm: BlogOut Cafe
Based on the concept of The World Cafe (www.theworldcafe.com) , this will be a set of short roundtable discussions that will take place simultaneously helping us all to get to know each other better while we share perspectives about issues and topics that matter.

The idea is that each table will have about 7 people and a theme/ topic to talk about. They will have paper as table cloths and ideas can be drawn and scribbled on the "tablecloths" and you can leave "marks" for others who will table hop.

Everyone will spend a pre-designated time (say 10 mins) at each table before moving on to the next table+theme combination - where they will get to know other attendees and exchange more ideas.

9.00 pm - 10.00 pm
Free and Easy networking session.

We would love your inputs on the themes/ topics for table discussions. Remember to visit the wiki site and feedback!

Get excited, get VERY EXCITED!!!

Brought to you from The Digital Movement

Posted at 05:28 am on Monday, May 07, 2007 by Admin

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June 18, 2008   08:13 AM PDT
saya senang bisa menemukan blogdrive ini karena bisa ngobrol dengan leluasa, kalau bisa ada orang yang mau menanggapi.
March 29, 2008   07:59 AM PDT
this site needs to add new layouts!
March 25, 2008   02:35 AM PDT
hey! :] just droppin' a message. okay, it's not a comment but hey, at least i posted. :]
August 15, 2007   11:52 PM PDT
Why on my calendar appears "requesting data"? Thanks.
July 22, 2007   06:04 AM PDT
I agree with hyun. Can you post some new templates? I'm trying to look for a new one. Probably one with a musical theme. ;) Thank you.
June 15, 2007   01:15 PM PDT
can u post some new templates?
May 8, 2007   06:09 AM PDT
Will do! It'll be on Twitter and Flickr!
J f Z
May 7, 2007   08:50 PM PDT
That looks like a ton of fun. I hope you take a lot of photos!