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How to edit an old entry using Plain Text Editor?

The new WYSIWYG editor proofs to be a wonderful success to most people. However this new upgrade somehow lead to the downgrade or rather "disability" of the Plain Text Editor.

Most people wouldn't need the Plain Text Editor but some advanced users can't blog without using it. The Plain Text Editor allows certain useful features such as inserting scripts, musics, videos and others nifty stuff into the HTML source instead of having it removed automatically by the WYSIWYG editor.

The biggest problem with the current PTE (as described by many people) is that when editing their older entries using Plain Text Editor, the dates of entry automatically changes to the current time instead of the posting date. What's worst is that we can't edit the entry dates.

So, some of us decided to make life easier for everyone by creating our own fixes. Here are two of the fixes:

Greasemonkey PTE Fixer by Xr:

This fix requires that you have two things: Firefox Browser and Greasemonkey Firefox Extension. If you are familiar with Greasemonkey and uses it often, this is definitely recommended. You can download the script here. Thanks to Xr who also owns a photoblog here on Blogdrive.

Plain Text Editor by design.blogdrive.com:

This fix doesn't require any plug-ins or downloads but it isn't able to call up anything from the Blogdrive database. This means you'll have to copy and paste everything from your entry source code before editing. Here are some simple steps to help you better understand it:

1) To edit an old entry, go to your "edit entry page". To make things easier, open two windows of your "edit entry page".

2) On one of the windows, go to the top URL location bar and change the "www" part of the URL to "design"
For example:
Change into:
3) Now, copy and paste everything (Title, Date and Time, Entry Content) from the other opened "edit entry page" to this one. You'll see that the Blog ID (BID) and Post ID (PID) are automatically filled in for you.

4) Edit your entry and Publish.

Here's the link if you ever feel the need to bookmark it. Please note the Extended Entry and Keywords are only applicable to upgraded users.

So, there you go. This should help make things easier for most people.

Updates 17/3/06: Apparently, the BD admin must have seen this fix I did because they quickly released a fix. That's good news to everyone including myself. The only bad news is to me because my time and effort were wasted writing this fix. ( I could use some hugs, you know )

Anyway, the fixes now applies to the dates as well as the extended entry and keywords. But the Amazon affiliate programme will not be implemented at all. Oh, and no smilies but that's alright.

Reference: new WYSIWYG editor, Firefox Browser, Dates of Edited Posts, Can't Change My 'Publish Date',
Tags: WYSIWYG, Plain Text Editor, Blogdrive, Greasemonkey, Firefox,

Posted at 09:15 pm on Wednesday, March 15, 2006 by Admin

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