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How to Upload Images to the File Manager?

So you've chosen the template you like and now you decided to install it. You insert your BID and click Install. Happily deedily you go to your blog to see the new design but you realised, the images weren't there!

Oh my God!!! NO IMAGES!
What do I do?
Did I do anything wrong?
I did just as it says, it must be Mr Seige's fault. He programme didn't work. Damn you Seige!!!

Now now, calm down. You didn't do anything wrong, nor did Seige's programme fail. It's something you didn't do. You did not upload your images to your own filemanager.

Here's a step by step instruction on how to upload your images.

1) Upon installation, first download the images. Right click on the image link and select "save target as..."
Save it to some where on your computer that you know it can be easily found.

2) Go to your blog admin page, on the left hand side bar find File Manager.

3) Go to Images.

4) Upload your images.

Isn't it easy? Now, why did I have to do this instructions page in the first place?

Tags: Blogdrive, Images, Upload, File Manager,

Posted at 06:53 pm on Monday, March 13, 2006 by Admin

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March 29, 2007   12:42 AM PDT
lolz this iz awesome! XD i love this layout. <3 <3
October 28, 2006   10:51 AM PDT