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About the (new) BlogDrive WYSIWYG Editor

"Boy! this Rocks!", this is my first thought when I saw the new editor and I still think so.
Around early December, BlogDrive rolled out the new WYSIWYG (stands for "What You See Is What You Get") editor after months of hard work and testing. With it's cool new interface, bigger fonts and among other things it's a job well done.
What is WYSIWYG Editor?
WYSIWYG is a user interface that allows you to modify the layout of an entry very similar to how it's publish on your own BlogDrive page.
For example, a user can view on the screen how a document will look when it is displayed in on their BlogDrive page without having to know any HTML or coding.
As many of you know, the old version needed upgrade because it simply doesn't work with any other internet browser other than Internet Explorer (MSIE). Although 80% of all internet users uses MSIE, the other 20% shouldn't feel left out from such a wonderful feature.
These users would have to use the Plain Text Editor to write an entry along with some HTML knowledge.
It's also in need of new features which this new editor promised.
The New Editor Is So Damn Cool
The new WYSIWYG is cross-browser compatible, which means it should work with most internet browser including Mozilla Firefox.
On top of that, it's XHTML compliant which means it's coding format is the best and latest in the world of webpage building. If you do it correctly, it is even possible to view your BlogDrive on your mobile phone. (Okay, maybe not)
Smilies are now an added feature, this is absolutely wonderful as I must say my previous attempt to do it via JavaScript wasn't very successful. Thumbs up to the BlogDrive team!
Junk in da trunk, a cool new Amazon.com feature that helps you express what you are currently reading, listening to or planning to get. It digs into a huge database of Amazon products and you can almost find anything you can think of. It even refers your readers to purchase it themselves.
This feature, however does not work on plain text editor.
Not bad and it seems to be making money for BlogDrive as an affiliate programme of Amazon. If this product becomes successful (hopefully), we may not have to see popup advertising or banners afterall. In return this benefits us BlogDrive users.
"Every Blogdriver can now leverage the search capabilities and huge database of books, music, and everything that Amazon.com offers with just a few clicks. It's a win-win situation for all parties", exclaimed JfZ who writes for Dark Skies.
A Little Buggy But Nothing Major
Despite all the sweet new features, the new editor is not perfect and like all new products, it contains some minor bugs. Here's some of them but note that many of them may have been fixed by now.
1) Undo/Redo button not functioning nicely.
2) Help page not updated yet. Only a short note of "Coming Soon".
3) <shift> + <enter>. Although this isn't really a bug, but it does responce differently on different browsers.
4) Difficulty posting pictures by URL. This problem sparked a forum discussion asking for the old version back. This should have been fixed by now.
5) Duplicated entries when changing to HTML mode. This affects only a small number of users and should have been fixed by now.
6) Another problem is editing of old entries would change the posting date to current. I would say this is the most frustrating bug in the whole changing phase, but worry not. Last I heard BlogDrive is working hard to fix this and it seems that it's no easy task. We'll just have to be patient.
7) Extra Entry and Keywords textbox doesn't appear in Plain Text Editor for subscribers. Subscribers like myself would find it troublesome to enjoy it's gloriness.
Among other things, some people complaint about small editing space, bigger font size or even drop down scroll of posting times. I think these are just minor adjustments we have to get used to for the great service BlogDrive is giving us.
The new WYSIWYG editor Rocks! Don't you agree?

Posted at 03:54 am on Sunday, January 22, 2006 by Admin

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