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Recent Entries Script (AJAX RSS Reader)

This scripts will create a list of the latest entries on your blog. It'll generate the list with your blog title and time of posting, followed by a direct link to your blog entry. It uses AJAX to read your blog's RSS feeds and then displays them.

Unlike the previous Post Archive Script, this script extract your blog details from your RSS feed instead of collecting information from your visiting page. Hence it only requires a short script making it very easy to install.

  • Easy to install
  • List the latest entries
  • Clickable links
  • Customizable: "numberOfPost", "rssreaderTitle", "rssreaderDot"
  • Maximum numberOfPost in the list is 10 for free blogs, and 20 for paid blogs
  • Uses AJAX technology and your blog RSS
  • Only one set of this script allowed in one blog. More than one set would cause the script to malfunction.

Paste the following codes in your "Profile Section" or "Side Section" (under "Layout & Design")
<!-- Recent Entries Script Starts -->
<div id="rssreaderstatus" style="display:none"></div>
<div id="ajaxreader"></div>
<script type="text/javascript"><!--
var blogurl = ""; // complete blog url
var numberOfPost = 10;
var rssreaderTitle = "<b>Recent Post:</b><br>";
var rssreaderDot = "&raquo;";
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://design.blogdrive.com/scripts/rssreader"></script>
<!-- Recent Entries Script Ends -->
Other features:
You can use this script to display recent entries from other BlogDrive blogs by inserting the full blog URL into the blogurl variable between the quotes ("). However, remember not to install more than one set of this script as it would not work.

Script is modified from AJAX magazine to be usable on BlogDrive.

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Posted at 03:57 am on Thursday, December 08, 2005 by Admin

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May 12, 2009   10:02 AM PDT
Woah! :D This script is amazing! Thank you very much! I just installed it ^^
kak crisis
June 5, 2007   01:46 AM PDT
hey.. this script really works.. just copy and paste it to your profile section or side section and voila!! Thanks!!
May 22, 2007   07:39 AM PDT

i believe you can change the number of post at

var numberOfPost = 10;

change 10 to any number of post you like
January 16, 2007   12:12 PM PST
I've been looking for this. Though it only displays 10 most recent topics, nevertheless, I'm already satisfied. Half of my wish is granted. Thank you very much.
September 23, 2006   04:29 AM PDT
danda ng layout na 2. . .
Douzy Douzinas
July 14, 2006   11:11 PM PDT
Hi, I added the Recent Entries script to my blog, but it's almost an hour now and all that I see is "Requesting data..." Pls advice. Thanx.
July 3, 2006   05:06 AM PDT
argh, finally! i've been looking for this one! thanks!
June 17, 2006   07:40 PM PDT
yep, thought i'd find it eventually =)
June 17, 2006   03:45 PM PDT
well, it's as publish on the internet ;)
June 17, 2006   12:01 AM PDT
I meant the js code sourced here. But never mind, I'm good. Thanks for dropping by, btw! =)
June 16, 2006   10:36 PM PDT
You're right, It'd be faster to get it straight from their database. This goes the same for comments RSS too. However, I doubt BD wil introduce it anytime soon.

What do you mean by sending you the code? it's as publish on the design blog, as pe link... right?
June 16, 2006   09:33 PM PDT
Hello Seige! Great work on this script, it's working perfectly (albeit a little slow, but that's out of your control). Hopefully BD will put this feature in, and then it will be quicker surely. For the meantime, my thanks to you for making this possible!

P.S. Can you maybe send me the code? I promise I will not do any form of piracy or plagiarism or copyright infringement or whatever. The sole purpose would be to satisfy my own personal curiosity. No problem if you prefer to keep it private though. =)
June 16, 2006   03:26 AM PDT
By the way, what do you mean by archives? Blogdrive automatically stores archives for you.
June 16, 2006   03:20 AM PDT
James: in the mean time, you could check out the Google Sitemap Generator...
June 16, 2006   02:57 AM PDT
ok thanks in advance, seige! good luck
June 15, 2006   12:13 PM PDT
I'm working on that one! :p
June 15, 2006   03:09 AM PDT
do we have archives n categories not just list of new entries? help
June 4, 2006   07:43 PM PDT
thanks for this :).
April 15, 2006   12:31 AM PDT
Thanks J f Z
J f Z
April 14, 2006   07:37 PM PDT
Great script, Seige! I appreciate your work on it, and hosting it, and the ability to modify some of the elements in it. I'm using it on Dark Skies (linked above).

I replaced &raquo; with &bull; for the RSSreaderdot variable.
February 10, 2006   02:05 AM PST
This is great!

How do I modify it to become a pull-down menu instead of a list?

December 24, 2005   03:16 PM PST
The script is working well on your blog. It may take a longer time if you are on dial up connection to show the list.
December 22, 2005   02:42 AM PST
I've tried it on my blog, but it fails to show.. it kept saying "Requesting Data.."

I put the script at my 'Side Section'.. haven't changed anything in the script except adding my blog's url..

does anybody know what's wrong with my setting?
December 11, 2005   10:30 PM PST
I'm loving this! it's awesome!
December 9, 2005   11:27 AM PST
Maximum numberOfPost in the list is 10 for free blogs, and 20 for paid blogs.

For free blogs, the maximum number of entries is 10, while for paid blogs it's 20.
December 9, 2005   01:45 AM PST
hmm...can the script post more than 10 entries?
December 8, 2005   05:19 AM PST
Really cool stuff seige.. would try this on my blog soon :)
December 8, 2005   05:00 AM PST
December 8, 2005   04:50 AM PST
great seige - looks good.
December 8, 2005   04:44 AM PST
You came up with this seige? Arent you smart.. The script is Fantastic!
December 8, 2005   04:29 AM PST
Wow! Great Seige!