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Blue Confusion - from blogskins


Posted at 10:47 pm on Sunday, June 13, 2004 by Marianne

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October 14, 2005   11:16 AM PDT
Seems to me, you found it!
October 13, 2005   01:19 PM PDT
oh hey i made some changes to the layout.. is that ok? you can check it out if you want..
October 13, 2005   01:51 AM PDT
where do i place the code for my tagboard? it doesn't seem to show up no matter where i place it..could you please answer ASAP
June 11, 2005   06:40 AM PDT
checked out your blog..its awesome..nah i dont think you pissed anyone..hehe..
June 11, 2005   03:09 AM PDT
hi! can you check out my blog to seeif i did anything that would piss you off? just check if the modifications i made are okay. i really dig the layout but i just changed the colors and the image. i left the credits, though. thanks.
May 12, 2005   05:36 AM PDT
i need a moving blogskins and i want spongebob squarepants..can u email me as soon as possiblw?lyka_dolphin121@yahoo.com
January 22, 2005   05:24 PM PST
luv thiz design!!!
January 18, 2005   08:36 AM PST
wanna view the real templates, connect to my blogdrive
December 28, 2004   03:50 AM PST
LOVE IT! Can see why it's so popular.
December 28, 2004   03:08 AM PST
December 11, 2004   05:24 PM PST
i need a pink blogskin!!! thats simple do u know wheer one is!??? my email is xoxohugkissxo26@hotmail.com email me as soon as you can!
September 17, 2004   05:40 PM PDT
this layout exists in many places as it is quite a popular layout, whether in blogskins or blogdrive templates.
September 17, 2004   07:17 AM PDT
hey. i know someone who's blog is like this... well, i don't know someone. but im sure this layout exists somewhere...
September 4, 2004   07:02 PM PDT
Laura, click Me! :D
xo_Laura *
September 4, 2004   05:33 PM PDT
I uploading the picture on my own host and stuff but I have NO idea where to put the url of the picture. I've been looking for like 30 minutes and can't find it anywhere. Help?
July 31, 2004   01:54 AM PDT
I'm afraid there is no Header Section for this layout!

If you want to change the image in the center, replace the image link with your own image. That should do fine!
July 29, 2004   12:27 PM PDT
Hi, I'm having a slight problem here.. I love the template.. But I want to add my own header. I'm not really good at html, and I'm stuck.. Help me pls??
June 15, 2004   12:00 AM PDT
Glad you all like it! this is the work of Marianne, our new editor! Thanks Marianne! Stay tune as more templates are submitted
June 14, 2004   09:22 PM PDT
Hey Seige!

Well, I really liked this layout, so I decided that I'd try it out on my blog. I think that it looks quite good. Thanks for all of your hard work, and I put a link to y'all near the top of my page.

<3 Claire
June 14, 2004   03:47 PM PDT
how to get the picture to the template? i've saved it in my image host... then ?? where do i put my tag ??
June 14, 2004   01:57 PM PDT
hi, i love this template alot!! but how do i get it to my site ?? and can i possibly change the middle picture some time later ??? i need some help cause i dont know how to use this stuff!!!! *blur* TQ