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Convert Blogger Skin to BlogDrive Template (BETA 1.1)

You love your blogger skin, but you also love your BlogDrive. You wish if you could only use your blogger skin on BlogDrive but you don't know how.

Now you can with just one click! Insert your selected blogger template codes into the textbox and click "convert". Done!

If you find a problem or you have a suggestion, leave a comment and we'll do our best to help you.

Like the template? Share them with everyone.

Can't seem to fix the template yourself? Request for help.

Click "Check..." to search for missing tags.

Template Help
Disclaimer: We do not guarantee the quality of conversion. This is only a tool to help you convert skins from Blogger's format to BlogDrive format. We hold no responsibility to any copyright infringement that may come with your template. Remember not to cover your banner or you'll face the consequences.

Posted at 05:33 am on Monday, April 11, 2005 by Admin

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May 12, 2009   10:13 AM PDT
GREAT! :D This is indeed what I was looking for ;D I love blogger templates, and I just needed a way to use one of them on my blogdrive blog. Thank you!
September 22, 2008   06:57 PM PDT
It's been a week since I used the converted blogger skin. and i just found my converted skin gone! everything went back to the old blogdrive skin before.
Can anyone help?
September 15, 2008   02:28 PM PDT
love this function!
August 24, 2008   05:57 PM PDT
nice info thanks, i really like it
April 22, 2008   02:21 AM PDT
January 27, 2008   11:20 AM PST
it works!! thx!!
October 22, 2007   06:23 PM PDT
How to convert new blogger XML template ?.. I has try and it doesnt work ....Pls advice.
August 26, 2007   06:41 AM PDT
where can i find html codes for blogspot? the codes i get from blogskins.com isn't working.
August 14, 2007   10:37 AM PDT
Does anyone know of any converter which does the direct opposite?

that is from blogdrive to blogger.
May 11, 2007   09:14 PM PDT
Doesn't work whatsoever.
April 8, 2007   03:59 AM PDT
i was just wondering how do i put the date up? i have [date] written in my blog but it only says "Apr, 7th 2007" how do i make it have the day aswell? like "Saturday, Apr 7th 2007" etc?
December 26, 2006   11:00 PM PST
downloaded my template from blogskins.com

then converted the codes from blogger to blogdrive

then posted it in my blog.. but the layout seems to be scattered when i open it with IE.

help pls
loner foreva
November 20, 2006   08:35 AM PST
where can i find blogger codes?
Ee Von
March 28, 2006   02:03 PM PST
hrm, :/

actually I've tried both ways like what you mentioned, but it's still the same. I think something is definitely wrong.

Anyway, thanks for your attention. :)
March 28, 2006   01:54 AM PST
I'm not sure, Ee Von. All you need to do is just tweak the CSS codes a bit to help you with it.

If the template doesn't appear to be converted very well, you should abandon it. Usually if it doesn't convert well, it's because the original template wasn't valid in the first place.

You could try:



Ee Von
March 27, 2006   12:18 PM PST
I wanna thank Seige and the blogdrive team to have this converter thing which makes things easy.

But I have one problem with my blog, which lies on the fonts. If you have the time, do check it out and notice, that there are 2 different fonts. Different sizes.

How do I actually fix it so that my fonts will all be the same everytime I post an entry?

I would like my fonts(everytime I post an entry) to be standardize to something like my 20th March 2006's entry. Can you help me with it?

Thank you!
December 19, 2005   07:55 AM PST
And it appears you have too many malicious Javascript codes installed to your blog. It is not recommendable, especially iWebTunes because they tend to install spyware on to your computer without your permission, and that could explain the advertisement you find on your blog.
December 19, 2005   07:52 AM PST
It's against the BlogDrive ToS to remove their top banner ads. You can read more about it by clicking on me.
December 19, 2005   05:20 AM PST
so, is there any way i can jus remove that thing off?
December 19, 2005   05:14 AM PST
erm. actually it is not a pop up advertisment. it is a advertisment that will not go off no matter how i try. thanks
December 16, 2005   11:13 AM PST
Yeah, you can if you show us more details about what you are talking about. A blog address may be helpful. I have no idea how a popup would appear in your blog, makesure you did not install too many unneccessary malicious codes.
December 16, 2005   05:57 AM PST
an advertisment suddenly pop up into my blog after i converted my blogskin. is there anyway i can change it?
September 22, 2005   09:46 AM PDT
I can't edit my blog skin. If i try changing the codes it doesn't show the entries on the blog and neither are the images on the creen displayed.
August 4, 2005   08:18 AM PDT
thank you for this function as it is very helpful for us blogdrive bloggers =)
August 4, 2005   12:57 AM PDT
Thanks aeon. I appreciate your support, could you please provide more details in areas of improvement?
August 3, 2005   12:35 PM PDT
the converter's okay, but i hope you can still improve it. i found some nice skins for my blogger main and i want to use it, too, in my blogdrive.
August 2, 2005   06:14 AM PDT
heys well i converted the skin..but somehow all the writing is on the left hand side instead of on mah right in the boxes wat is wrong?
and plz help me
May 31, 2005   12:22 AM PDT
Hello. I'm currently facing a problem and i'm hopping that u could help me. You see, I have just converted my blogger theme to blogdrive's and I realise that I can't edit my tagboard. My tagboard is missing from the page. Can you please colve my problem?
May 21, 2005   08:23 AM PDT
Thanks for your comments, MsPhatBootie. http://msphatbootie.blogdrive.com/
May 20, 2005   04:50 PM PDT
Yet another jumping in like their Superman/Woman.
May 20, 2005   04:12 PM PDT
we love to hear your comments..but pls hold the grudges to yourself. we do not want any "fights" here. Thank you.
duble thoughts
May 16, 2005   12:33 PM PDT
i don't see what the big deal is. she gave an opinion.yeah she was a bit rude on how she said it but everyone shouldn't be up in arms.

great converter, i'll be using it soon.
May 16, 2005   08:31 AM PDT
haha...i wouldnt have said it better myself. nice geez..oops..not trying to be rude.
May 16, 2005   06:58 AM PDT
Well.the way I see it,it's free so save your complaining for something
more constructive.A little Crdit link doesn't hurt.Ungrateful.Not trying to be rude.
May 16, 2005   06:04 AM PDT
then..i dont see the point for you to write the comment at all..not trying to be rude..
May 16, 2005   05:07 AM PDT
Not trying to be rude.God forbid someone have an opinion. I do appreciate all the hard work you put into the converter. I'm just not a fan of all the credit links. Your right..I don't have to use it. I can just go to blogger and not have to worry about uptight blogdrive bitches getting upset because someone made a simple comment about the coding.
May 16, 2005   01:39 AM PDT
Sure we could just provide a simple text link, but then that would become "too much" wouldn't it? Soon enough, everyone would remove their links, and wouldn't know to come here for these helpful scripts/templates etc.

All of the "hidden codes" are there to benefit the template, to make sure there is no spot on your blog that looks stupid because it doesn't match the rest of the template...

Also, you should maybe consider all of the hard work that goes into these scripts before you make a rude comment. These don't HAVE to be provided, and you don't HAVE to use them either.
May 16, 2005   01:30 AM PDT
First of all, this converter is provided FREE for you. It's made after days of testing and testing.

There are plenty of hidden codes, many of which ensure your template to work well on your blog. Only two are credit links. What's wrong with the link being in the template? You are, afterall using a tool provided free.
May 16, 2005   01:13 AM PDT
How about taking out all of those hidden codes you put in? I understand you want credit but damn. It's annoying to have to go in and take it out. One simple link would be enough.
May 1, 2005   10:19 PM PDT
woops! forgot to insert my linky.
May 1, 2005   10:18 PM PDT
this thing is amazing! just needed to add some missing codes, and some stuff and it worked! yay! thank you! it's a life saver!! ^^
April 14, 2005   02:07 AM PDT
Hey Seige, thanx for the comments and tags on my boards, and yeah that blogger layout converter really does work miracles for meh! anyway That's all for know, have a good night =)
April 13, 2005   02:01 AM PDT
For all Indonesian bloggers, read Bahtiar's article:
April 13, 2005   01:57 AM PDT
Sure, you are welcomed to. ^_^
April 13, 2005   01:27 AM PDT
Shori, I trenslet to bahasa EndonesA yaa ...