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Blue Petals - atoi


Posted at 12:13 am on Tuesday, January 18, 2005 by Admin

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July 14, 2005   06:44 AM PDT
I can't figure out where to put the images in. when i do it it messes up
Nurlea Laurielle
July 13, 2005   02:18 AM PDT
Try this:
-turn off your Popup-blocker.
-delete all your cookies and cache (Tools - Internet Options)
-Log into BlogDrive again, makesure you are logged in.

If all else fail, you can install the template manually:
1. Click on the thumbnail image
2. In the new "Preview" window, right click and select "view source"
3. Copy the codes and paste them into your "layout & design - main template edit" codes section.

All the best
Nurlea Laurielle
July 12, 2005   07:05 PM PDT
I STILL CANNOT INSTALL THIS TEMPLATE!? help me pleaseeee...... :((
Nurlea Laurielle
July 12, 2005   07:01 AM PDT
got it! Thanks - but then, I still don't have the template over at my page. How come?!?!?!
July 11, 2005   08:30 AM PDT
Make sure you turn off your POP-UP blocker.

Once you installed this template, you may not "uninstall" it. But you may select a different template either from this site or from BlogDrive's own gallery of templates.

Template codes are being replaced with each process. Uninstall ain't the right word to describe them.
Nurlea Laurielle
July 10, 2005   12:50 PM PDT
I cant seemed to preview this tempelate? I left a comment/ inquiry, but not replies. need to know, can I install this Blue Petals - atoi template for my blogdrive? Please get back to me at my email...


PS - if I install this, can i uninstall this blue-patel template? and the reason why am in doubt of this blue patel, isthat the petals are in the left of the page (the side board is on the left of the page) but my blogdrive page, the side bar is on my right. Help? Please...

March 22, 2005   04:46 PM PST
Make sure you save the image to your computer before uploading!

To save, right click on the image and select "save image as..."
March 22, 2005   04:09 PM PST
ello me need help.why the image cannot appears at my blog..me donno wahat should me do..me try to upload it at images..but still cannot appears..tell me plis..
January 25, 2005   04:06 AM PST
Make sure you are logged in to BlogDrive. And that your BID number is correct. This is a security feature as no warning will be given to you.

To get the codes, click on the thumbnail image and view source. Once you paste everything into the "Main Template", delete the last line of codes at the very bottom of the templates after the </body></html> tag. (This is a browser script generated code, so it'll automatically generate certain extra codes which are essential to us. But not to you.)

I hope that helps.
January 24, 2005   05:16 PM PST
eh i wish blogdrive templates would be like copy and pasted (the old ways) rather than the new one which you've to insert your ID and installed. coz i'm having so much trouble using this method. how about eh? sticking the old wayS???? coz sometimes it gets install then sometimes nothing happens! ... so plzzzzz put like the old way methods of putting templates.!!!