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Welcome to Blogdrive Templates

Welcome to DesigNation! This blog is dedicated to providing free templates to all Blogdrive users. There are a wide variety of layouts to choose from, and a few clicks away you can set them up on your blog. Have you own template to contribute? Submit them to us.

Featured Layout:
Enhanced BD Feature:
Written specially for BlogDrive, includes entry listing, welcome script and many more.
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What doesn't Blogdrive have that would benefit us? We'll make it available. That's our mission. We bring you some news on Blogdrive, additional features for your blog and most of all, allow a place for you to share your templates.

Some of our other highlights that aren't templates include:
Recent Entries Script
Welcome Script
"Layout & Design" Shortcut Tool

This site is founded by Seige and help of a few other Blogdrive members namely: Angelic's Kisses, Marianne, wailfulrhyme and a few others unnamed.

Click here to link us, copy and paste the following codes on your blog.

Disclaimer : BlogDrive is a trademark of NeverX.com's webblogging service. We are not affiliated to NeverX or BlogDrive. Sign up here for a blog of your own.

Posted at 10:16 am on Friday, June 04, 2004 by Admin

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June 19, 2009   11:58 AM PDT
June 19, 2009   11:58 AM PDT
June 19, 2009   11:54 AM PDT
nak cari kawanla
April 16, 2008   01:28 AM PDT
super great site. this is like my main blogdrive help page. i was wondering though if u could help me create an archive page for my current site. i don't want to list just ten most recent posts, like the ones you have using AJAX, but i want people to be lead to a separate page that will list all past entries... can u please please help me do that...i will very much look forward to ur response...thank u...
April 14, 2007   04:40 AM PDT
Thanks for the scripts! I'm trying to update my blog layout & this site is so helpful! Thanks again!
November 2, 2006   10:39 AM PST
You'll have to edit the "comment page" template. You can go into "layout & design", scroll to the bottom, and you'll see it there. Change the CSS for background.
Nurlea Laurielle
November 1, 2006   12:17 PM PST
Hie! I used one of your templates - the pinkish purplish chewing gum template thingie. It's GREAT! awesome! did some modifications to it to suit my taste. HOWEVER - i need to know how do i go about changing the COMMENT page? its so... erm... WHITE? hmmmm
September 28, 2006   04:22 PM PDT
Thx 4 the template help... but i wonder how to change my "recent post" font...it's just a way too big... thx...
September 23, 2006   05:51 AM PDT
Can blogdrive.com update smilies tag board? I'm to bored with the old one.
September 23, 2006   05:48 AM PDT
I need a script that showing all my entry for 1 year if can.
September 23, 2006   05:45 AM PDT
Why not if design.blogdrive.com make a skin for blogdrive.com tag board?
September 19, 2006   08:38 AM PDT
by right the banner/header should fit really well.. but it didnt.
September 19, 2006   08:32 AM PDT
hey, can i know how to allow my banner's words be seen and still keep the adverts? i wont want the adverts away anyway (i know its against the terms & conditions to somehow remove them).. so how does it happen? pls click my blog n u'd know what i mean.. and why is it my banner is doubled vertically? :(
September 12, 2006   08:39 AM PDT
i *love* html and i *love* blogging =D
this site's maad for getting html scripts and stuff. ROCK ON!!

...ooo but just wondering, is there a script so that blogdrive archives can be like blogspot archives? Ie. NOT in calendar form?
April 24, 2006   11:40 AM PDT
wow..i just recently found out 'bout this site...nice...and very helpfull 4 a beginner like me...
March 18, 2006   01:09 AM PST
Hi there...Just to say hello and thanks all the help you gave me!!!

Kiss !!
March 13, 2006   04:02 PM PST
its a really cool site to give new bloggers how to make their own blog better (just like me).. i am really noob and i would like to know the step by step instuctions on how to upload the template into my blog... i have tried it so many times but just couldn't find the image.. PLEASE HELP ME!
March 2, 2006   06:42 PM PST
Thank you so much for sharing with us, Patricia. Happy Bloggin.
Patricia H Stewart
March 2, 2006   04:53 AM PST
I found the information very useful and easy to understand. I am new to blogging. Each skin is simply the best artistic compostition and presented in with the best of taste. The work is incrediable.
January 7, 2006   10:10 AM PST
Blogdrive is very easy to use, with plenty of great features, I must say. Is there another way instead of a banner ad to place on a user's blog? Banners often ruin the design of a layout, and text links or buttons actually placed into the navigation bar of a blog is definitely less annoying. What more, Internet surfers tend to click less on banners. I hope you understand. Wait, of course you do. "Amazing Counters" just gave me the thought of text links.
December 10, 2005   07:51 PM PST
Awwww dankies Seige *Hugs* For some reason I got to a page that didn't display our link :/ baddd blogdrive lol Hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed holiday ^i^
November 4, 2005   10:00 AM PST
you need more templates wif black theme
November 4, 2005   09:56 AM PST
hey!..my name is nancy and i need urgent help!..does any one know how to create a template of there own??..becuase i need help!..i wanna create my own if you do please contact my via msn on thugg_baybii@hotmail.com
October 19, 2005   01:38 PM PDT
Thank you very much!!! this site has been very very helpful.
Sandra Walker
October 16, 2005   07:07 PM PDT
Ya'll have some really nice templates here. I liked them a lot but could not find one with a religious background, that's what I need. Thanks guys, Great stuff here.
October 4, 2005   09:31 PM PDT
Hey Seige!

You went offline on MSN without telling me goodbye.

September 20, 2005   10:22 AM PDT
Hi there.

September 12, 2005   03:51 PM PDT
I want it to be colourful.
September 10, 2005   05:22 PM PDT
September 8, 2005   10:58 PM PDT
What NO artists Seige???? OMG did you kill off all the artists Seige or did you eat them? *Giggles and runs* Ok, come on Seige what I gotta do? BEG OK I'm BEGGING PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 4 MEeeeee? Thx Seige-ykins *Giggles*
August 31, 2005   11:16 AM PDT
It would be nice... (if we have some artist to do them)
August 30, 2005   10:02 PM PDT
I have a suggestion! I'm so tired of thinking of different layouts for Poetry Club! Will one of you WONDERFUL artists make up a special layout for BPC??? I'd be ever so GRATEFUL *Hugs*
August 19, 2005   03:48 PM PDT
Hey seige wazz up.... thx for confirming my lastest template... hey sorry for my miss template.... God bless!
August 17, 2005   02:54 PM PDT
Hey Seige, thanks for your tag. What a great blog. I wish I'd known about it earlier, when I was trying to adapt a Blogger template to use here. Oh well, I'll just stick with what I've got now.
August 10, 2005   04:55 PM PDT
Yes, you'll need to upload the images into your BlogDrive account.

1. download the images to your computer. Image links can be found on the page you install the templates.
2. upload the images to your "filemanager - images" directory.
3. walaa!
August 10, 2005   12:46 PM PDT
how come i downloaded a template,but the thing is,the header is not there?or should i edit it by myself?
August 10, 2005   12:44 PM PDT
hi,i really find this very helpful especially for me because im really new to blogs,but the thing is its somehow still difficult for me to use blogdrive...
August 7, 2005   07:54 AM PDT
how do i put music on my blog?
July 28, 2005   04:14 AM PDT
Your blog looks fine to me. Just be patient and allow your blog to load. ;)
July 27, 2005   06:22 AM PDT
hey..just want to ask why do i have to refresh my page everytime just to see the updated entries and all that???
July 24, 2005   12:55 PM PDT
hey..this is really cooL..i'm planning to switch to blogger bt then i changed my mind.. hahah this is great..

can you also explain if we can transfer the tags on tagboard to blogdrive's tagboard?! you get it?! hehe
July 21, 2005   10:47 AM PDT
i just hope that you'll have more choices to choose from. other templates are not as useful as it may seem. i hope that you could have other themes like templates for babies, children, simple abstract, etc... but i do love your site! take care and thanks!
July 18, 2005   02:38 AM PDT
Hi, I am just wondering how come there is no updates on template for blogdrive. it is always the old one and I got nothing to choose to change my template.
July 12, 2005   02:24 AM PDT
You guys need to do a seriously kickass black and blue wolf layout.
June 12, 2005   02:05 PM PDT
hi hi!!
I love some of the layouts here~~ so original!!!
would be great if you updated with new layouts more frequently tho~~~~
June 9, 2005   08:59 AM PDT
I'm still away... :(

But doesn't mean I don't check in once in a while :p

Damn, there have been more templates submission lately... Don't have the time to work on them yet.
June 9, 2005   08:42 AM PDT
i cant seem to preview or install the skin. i have uploaded the gif images to my file manager. when i click at the preview button, my current skin appears. why is that so?

June 8, 2005   10:54 AM PDT
i tot you were still away..
June 8, 2005   06:27 AM PDT
I want new templates... Where are they? :(
June 8, 2005   05:49 AM PDT
June 7, 2005   05:18 PM PDT
Absolutely not. You just have to know how to stick what you want where you want it.

Blogdrive, even not upgraded, is highly and easily customizable.

I'd reccomend upgrading if you don't like the banner ad, and want a few extra member perks.

But if you can't afford it, or just don't want to, you should still be bale to do it all with your free version. :)
June 7, 2005   03:18 PM PDT
Would it be safe for me to assume that in order to create easily editable navigation, menus, and text links in page footers that I would need to purchase the upgraded, non-banner $15/yr package?
June 7, 2005   12:51 PM PDT
where can i get my Blog id number?
June 2, 2005   02:52 AM PDT
Oh yeah - and what do you mean by birthdays? If you just want to make a list of birthdays that should be fairly simple, if you want a countdown, there are a few scripts for that, but I need you to be a little more specific, please. :)
June 1, 2005   06:14 PM PDT
how can I make links on my blogdrive?
and birthdays?
May 14, 2005   11:51 PM PDT
ummm i dont get it sorry i tried to follow the instrustions buh it wont work
May 2, 2005   01:20 AM PDT
thanks Seige :} - sorry i had to leave suddenly earlier today - anyways... im looking into adding code to the java protection so people cant just cruise on in when NOT java enabled - ty for letting me & the captain know before he put up nekid pics LOL - see you soon }}}HUGS{{{
April 29, 2005   09:47 PM PDT
thanks a LOT for making those AWESOME templates possible!

April 26, 2005   06:20 AM PDT
You can link them to their Permalink and change them at a later date ;)
April 26, 2005   05:42 AM PDT
wow another exciting lay outs :) i wish i could find time to change mine
April 18, 2005   11:26 PM PDT
Hey! Thanks very much for the tag! You have awesome layouts!
April 18, 2005   03:33 PM PDT
Everything seems to look fine to me. Can you describe the problem?
April 18, 2005   01:41 PM PDT
Hi Seige, I have reinstalled the post preview script. Again the problem only seems to affect the most recent post. Yesterday it affected the longer post immediately below, as at the time it was the most recent entry. I'll leave it up for a few hours.
April 18, 2005   04:07 AM PDT
Anything I can do to help?
April 18, 2005   02:05 AM PDT
I tried to install a post preview script, and it was working -honest! Up until I entered a new post. Now it just laughs at me, regardless of how many times I install/uninstall it. It will work on all the old posts, just not the new ones.
April 16, 2005   08:13 PM PDT
Checkout the blogger skin converter, click me
April 14, 2005   12:52 PM PDT
What is your problem? Please explain properly so that we can help you.

Installation is just like any other layout. And remember to upload the image to the right directory.
April 14, 2005   09:53 AM PDT
Hi Seige thank you for quick reply..i find that 'bikini girl lay out dont work..or maybe its just me dont know how to use it..
April 14, 2005   01:52 AM PDT
Hey Seige, thanx for the comments and tags on my boards, and yeah that blogger layout converter really does work miracles for meh! anyway That's all for know, have a good night =)
April 12, 2005   03:51 PM PDT
*poke ;)
April 11, 2005   10:25 PM PDT
this place has some real good layouts... unless ya don't have the image thingy. lol. but great work to all the layout makers. :) i am loving em.
April 7, 2005   03:30 AM PDT
Seige im out on sick leave - wanted to let you know ill be OK - resting up here - you take care }}}HUG{{{
April 5, 2005   11:30 PM PDT
somebody make a design with Anne Taintor's work.
April 5, 2005   08:49 PM PDT
March 31, 2005   03:41 AM PST
hello, you've got permission.
March 29, 2005   09:06 AM PST
hii! your templates are coool!!! visit my blog yaaaa!!!
March 27, 2005   04:39 PM PST
hey! Thanks for stopping by my site, and happy easter!
March 27, 2005   01:44 PM PST
me still thingking why the image still not appears after me save it as
March 22, 2005   04:26 PM PST
hepl me seige...why the images cannot appears at my blog..?
March 21, 2005   03:00 AM PST
Hey Seige! I didn't know where to answer your question about my template. Everything in the Griffin & Sabine Comic design is mine. I did the illustrations and all the coding myself. This sort of thing is what I do for a living though. This is only the second of our blog layouts I have done completely from scratch. I will sometimes borrow snippets of code or ideas from various design sites. Unfortunately this one uses elements that wouldn't work for the basic blogdrive account. Someday I may do some templates to share for that purpose though :) Thanks for asking.

March 8, 2005   04:00 PM PST
thank you for your compliments :)
This site is pretty cool...you have so much stuff here to choose from!!!
March 8, 2005   10:43 AM PST
nice stuff ;)
March 6, 2005   10:58 PM PST
Wow! it's so cool here!
February 22, 2005   03:19 AM PST
thanks for the compliments on my sinful life blog ... that one isn't quite finished as i forgot to work on it a lot. my main blog is sinfulsecrets.blogdrive.com

cheers! oooh thanks for providing layouts to those html challenged. i know one of my friends uses one of them :)
February 17, 2005   08:42 PM PST
Hi, Seige...it's very nice of you offering me the smilies for my blog. Yes, I'm interested. Thanks in advance.
February 17, 2005   02:30 AM PST
Hi, Seige...thanks for visiting my blog although you probably cannot understand the language.

Regarding the smilies I inserted there, I just inserted them just like I inserted other images. That's all. Nothing special.

Let me know if you have anymore question.

- Ima -
February 11, 2005   02:48 AM PST
Nice site! Lots to check out :)
February 10, 2005   09:19 PM PST
What a groovy site you have here! I am so glad you popped by my blog.

Yeah, Polo Blue is some hot stuff, man!
February 4, 2005   07:20 AM PST
You're welcomed. And glad to know.
February 4, 2005   12:21 AM PST
Thanks for taggin on my blog siege! And to answer your question, yes everything is going okay. My layout is workin great!!
December 3, 2004   10:32 AM PST
can some one make me a simple plain black template???
November 12, 2004   09:46 AM PST
:) thanks for your tag. wow, i feel like i've been under a rock for the past year or so, i never knew that this place existed!
November 10, 2004   05:43 PM PST
Hey, just wanted to let you know that I've been having problems accessing some of the later templates--the archived pages load with a "Plumbing work in progress" message....

Just so you know! :)
November 7, 2004   06:33 AM PST
Wow.. I should really read over my messages before post 'em. lol. Bad grammar mistakes... What can I say? Tt's nearly midnight here.
November 7, 2004   06:28 AM PST
LMAO.. Siege.. HAHHAHA.. tsk tsk.. Quit scaring people. rofl

I wanna see more Marianne's template! I like these other templates, but Marianne always makes my favourites!
November 2, 2004   12:50 AM PST
then why would you say I was hot? that not me in the pic

November 1, 2004   08:55 PM PST
um... somebody named Seige was at my blog and this was his homepage... so um if you read this... uh.. thanks but- you're crazy
October 27, 2004   09:34 AM PDT
Yes, that's fine Serena.
October 23, 2004   06:09 AM PDT
Seige and all the layout designers kick so much arse that the diet companies fear the competition!

Great work guys.

October 21, 2004   11:49 PM PDT
Seige, Im glad you like my template! =) I have worked very hard on it. When I am done with it, I will be sure to submit it here.. but while im still using it I would like to keep it original! But thank you for the compliment! =)
October 19, 2004   09:06 AM PDT
no i did not remove it. it's still there, just smaller. you guys are shocking. pft.
October 17, 2004   02:05 AM PDT
<-- Haloscan Trackback
Mark Adams
October 9, 2004   10:57 PM PDT
I just saw your comment at helpee's, feel free to post my script for haloscan trackbacks if you haven't already. That's why I posted it there, just to give a little back, ya know.
J f Z
October 7, 2004   08:33 PM PDT
VERY cool site, Siege. I'm coming back when I have more time.
rainbow ---
October 7, 2004   11:47 AM PDT
it seems that that person has found a way of removing the ad-banner. does that mean shes violating terms and conditions? and i dont think she has upgraded, theres an obvious space where the banner should be.
October 7, 2004   11:43 AM PDT
seems like shes found a way of removing it. and its pretty obvious since theres a large space where the ad-banner should be.
October 6, 2004   06:39 AM PDT
Taken from the FAQ:
Can you make the advertisement dissappear?
Sorry, if you are looking for ways to break rules, please go elsewhere. It is our policy that we respect others. BlogDrive is a free blogging service, a small advert frame can be easily ignored anyway.

If you would like the banner removed, upgrade your account.
October 6, 2004   06:17 AM PDT
hi, i have a question. on all blogs theres this ad thing at the top center. i was wondering if there is a code or anything where i can remove it. it is quite annoying. please reply to my blog. thanks.
October 5, 2004   02:05 AM PDT
I love the layout of the "Life throught the eyes of a dog" but i was wondering if someone could put in a different picture instead...something more feminine perhaps...
September 26, 2004   10:52 PM PDT
oh nvm! thanks!!
September 26, 2004   10:49 PM PDT
thanks seige....sorry where are the details??
September 26, 2004   02:43 PM PDT
Simplicity is what makes this site great. We are proud of it.
s. benavides
September 25, 2004   06:26 PM PDT
thanks marianne! your layout was very easy to use, and it looks really good. be well.
s. benavides
September 25, 2004   03:41 PM PDT
can somebody, a moderator or something check on my blog to see if i've done anything wrong? i've used one of the layouts and made some modifications, but i just want to make sure i can have my blog that way without being reprimanded. thanks.
September 20, 2004   09:19 AM PDT
September 19, 2004   09:52 PM PDT

Somebody make a layout of this.



Deanna: Contributing since 20 seconds ago.
September 16, 2004   09:42 PM PDT
Wooo wooo. Thanks for the inclusion, Siege! Mr. Flibble and I are very honored. We made a lil blinky for ya!

Thanks again!
September 13, 2004   04:28 PM PDT
Thanks for stoppin' by my blog, your layouts are AWESOME! Wow! I particuarily love the FFVIII one b/c I have the wallscroll of Rinoa and Squall.
September 9, 2004   08:01 AM PDT
da pic dint cum out..whut shud i do
September 9, 2004   12:34 AM PDT
could someone do something like the one at blogskins called A Special Moment... or Icy Ballet.
September 7, 2004   04:39 AM PDT
Aww. I will always support you guys... you have the best layouts ;) Hehehe.
September 6, 2004   10:24 PM PDT
Becca: Go to Dynamic Drive (there's a link on the left under "Useful HTML Site"), there are many useful scripts including the one you are looking for!
September 6, 2004   10:11 PM PDT
katt : changing background colours is fine.. as long as u still give credit where it's due. i don't remember what u did wrong, but it could be either i. u were hotlinking the pictures, ii. u installed the preview codes, or iii. u removed the links.
and thanks for making the effort to make things right. seige will remove u from the list as soon as he has the time.

zoe : thanks for the support. ;)sorry for the lack of updates recently. been really busy.. and lack of inspiration.
September 6, 2004   06:48 PM PDT
how do I disable right click on my blog?
September 6, 2004   10:21 AM PDT
Okay. I initially felt shitty for belonging to this list, but coming to think of it, It's my goddamn fault. Sorry 'bout that. I'm no seasoned lawbreaker, y'know. I just felt so gothic while editing my main template that's why I changed the bgcolor from sky blue to black. My sincerest apologies.:)

Btw, please do visit my site to verify the "conforming" I did. In fact, I've changed the layout into Blackest Mood. Looks better. Thanks for givin' me a tap, eh? :)
September 6, 2004   02:26 AM PDT
No, Zoe... just taking a break for a while... *phew*
September 5, 2004   09:12 PM PDT
Is this the end of design? :(
September 5, 2004   06:20 PM PDT
will someone please make a skin that has to do with blood and self-injuring?make it w/a dark theme please
Adawehi aka Mistress
August 22, 2004   09:36 AM PDT
Thank you so much for the warm welcome Seige, I feel almost warm, cuddly and fuzzy...*Screams in terror* I'm a vampire I'm not supposed to feel this way...*weg* Thanks...*kiss*
August 15, 2004   09:07 PM PDT
I'm sorry Alley, I have not run any test on this website for Mac compatability, and thus I believe that none of our templates here can be downloaded from a Safari or MacIE.

In the mean time, we are still working on the issue of browser compatability-ness. So, please cross your fingers untill we make it come true.

Alternatively, you can check your Temporary Files for the template source. I hope this may help.
August 14, 2004   04:14 AM PDT
ok, i've tried downloading templates from here a bunch of times, either im a effin moron, or.. i dont know, i was wondering if it has to do with the comp i have (a Mac) but i dont know, cus everytime i download a template.. it just shows the template.. and yes i do click the "download" button thinger. If anyone could possibly help me that would be great.
August 11, 2004   06:17 AM PDT
Check that your side contents are not wider than the original column width.
Maybe a picture that's too big? or a video or something that causes the column to stretch.
August 11, 2004   03:51 AM PDT
It's weird, because whenever I insert a layout in, the table size of the header is too long, and the image doesn't fit completely. The table "widens" across the page or somethin'...

But anyway, I'll try again later.
August 9, 2004   11:36 AM PDT
what do you mean Zoe?

Blogskin's is a place that provides layouts for blogger (www.blogger.com) users. The skins that say "blogskin's blabla" means that they are blogskin layouts that were made for blogger and have been converted with blogdrive tags so it works with blogdrive. (blogger and blogdrive have different tags).

All templates have been tested on blogdrive and work perfectly fine. Please check that you've installed them properly. Read the FAQ for instructions.
August 9, 2004   12:11 AM PDT
Um. How come all of the templates work well for Blogskin.com only? It kind of messes up my blogdrive.
July 24, 2004   12:18 PM PDT
thanks Cardizzle, but what exactly did we do?
July 18, 2004   01:04 AM PDT
just wanted to say thanks because the extra hint things on this site really made mine look fantastic. thanks thanks.
June 26, 2004   06:11 PM PDT
make a windows xp theme
June 24, 2004   05:34 PM PDT
Okay Vinu, let me know when you do ;)
June 23, 2004   05:17 AM PDT
i will show u more of my graphics soon
June 21, 2004   01:41 PM PDT
yeah, i am frm malaysia...howd u guess
June 21, 2004   12:36 PM PDT
siege rawks! thnx 4 da comments...keep da good work!
June 20, 2004   11:55 AM PDT
ina: I'll see what i can do ;)
June 18, 2004   03:03 PM PDT
Seige... thanks for your sweet tag left at my blog - did some slight repair of my quilt pic, centering & all - looks far better - take care }}}HUG{{{ Ciao
June 18, 2004   01:23 PM PDT

good work here. i just want to know is there any script to generate recent entries list on my blog like the one in the blogger

thank you.